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Anime you can finish in one night: according to TikTok


Whether you’re spending the night alone, with a significant other or even just trying to get into some new anime: the Minero team gathered nine shows you can watch in one night, according to TikTok creators.  

Joyce (who also goes by her artist name: JOIISUH) is a 22-year-old singer/ TikTok creator who has been recommending anime on the platform since September of 2020.  

“All I did was binge watch anime and work on music. One day I decided to recommend some of my favorite anime that I thought needed more love,” Joyce said. “I never thought my account would become this big in such a short amount of time.” 

Joyce’s first “Animes you can watch in one night” video has seen almost one million views and her account holds over 191 thousand followers.  

“I never had any friends I could talk about anime with and now I almost have 200k people who love the same things I do! My community is also super supportive in everything I do! They support my music on Spotify & Apple music and always check up on me whenever I seem “off”,” Joyce said.  

Joyce finds time to watch anime in-between her time making music, TikToks, and hanging out with friends. 

“A lot of my inspiration for music comes from stories told and lessons learned in anime. Even before quarantine, I would pull all-nighters to watch my favorite anime. Watching 12-24 episodes in one night seems like a lot…and it is but, you get used to it!” Joyce said. 


Some of Joyce’s favorites so far include: NarutoDemon Slayer, and The Promised Neverland (which, p.s., is included in our list below!). She says to give anime a try before you make any quick judgements about the Japanese style animations.  

“There’s so many different genres, stories, and characters with so many lessons to learn. If you want to laugh, there’s an anime for that. If you want to learn how to be more confident, there’s an anime for that. If you want to cry and break your heart, watch Itachi’s arc in Naruto: Shippuden,” the singer said.  

And if you don’t have anyone to watch it with, Joyce says, no worries! 

“Watching anime with friends is great but I LOVE watching anime alone. My biggest secret to making anime more enjoyable to watch is a portable projector (yes you can watch anime on your ceiling)!”  

  1. Misfit of Demon King Academy 

This fantasy anime centers around a strong main character that some describe as “overpowered”. The storyline spans 13 episodes that roughly total 20 minutes each. In a world of demons, this exciting anime features slightly over the edge gore that doesn’t feel distasteful. But, take this as a trigger-warning if you’re not a fan of blood be wary! 

  1. Say I love you 

If you’re looking for something a little more on the lovey-dovey side “Say I love You” might be the romance anime to watch. The show centers around a high-school romance that one Crunchyroll review says made them realize: “that watching a good anime is like falling in love, and when it finishes, it leaves an empty space inside you, and it hurts. But it’s not a bad hurt, it’s a hurt that you love almost as much as the love you had at first.” It has 13 episodes that are around 20 minutes long. 

  1. Yuri!!! on Ice 

This ice skating anime is a fan favorite on TikTok. Spanning 12 episodes, this story focuses on a Japanese ice skater embarking on a journey to reclaim a title at the Figure Skating Grand Prix. Each episode is around 20 minutes and features stunning art that’ll make you think: did they really animate each frame by hand? 

  1. Angel Beats 

“Angel Beats” is a Netflix-watch that spans 13 episodes that are each around 20 minutes long. This story might be found under the “spoooky” side of anime as its main story is set in high-school in the after-life. But, instead it surprises you with exciting battle scenes between the main characters and mysterious entities.
  1. The Promised Neverland 

This series, also known as one of Joyce’s favorites, is now in its unfinished second season, so watching it in one night might not be as easy. But, the first season, both subbed and dubbed can be found on Hulu and Netflix. The 12 episodes features a house of orphans who discover a dark secret about their home.  

  1. Tatami Galaxy 

The Tatami Galaxy’s story extends across 11 episodes, around 20 minutes each. The story itself surrounds ideas of identity and purpose. Potentially, it might hit home for some university students as the main character, who attends “Kyoto University” navigates different life choices for their ideal life. 

  1. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls 

This gore-y anime is hard to find and for good reason, but don’t worry, we have a YouTube playlist for you. This unsettling thriller is three episodes long that of which 30 minutes each. But, be prepared for death, blood, and lots of scares. This show also features instances of suicide, self-harm, and nudity. Corpse Party is based on a Japanese horror video game about a group of schoolmates who must survive a night in a haunted school building.
  1. The Moment You Fall in Love 

Love triangles on love triangles, on love triangles- this anime can’t be any more romance based than it gets. If you’re looking for anime that is all about love and nothing but love, this hour-long movie is for you. Grab some chocolates, a blanket and get comfy for this love rollercoaster of a movie.  

  1. One Punch Man 

12 episodes and around 20 minutes each full of fun, excitement and humor. If you’re looking for a show that’s light-hearted and action packed, One Punch Man delivers.  

You can find Joyce on Instagram: @joiisuh and TikTok:  @Joiisuh and  JOIISUH’s music on Spotify . 

By Brandy Ruiz

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