Chicano Batman performed April 22 at Lowbrow Palace.
Chicano Batman performed April 22 at Lowbrow Palace.
Dominique Macias

Chicano Batman Saves the Full Moon Night

The night is April 22 at Lowbrow Palace, a full moon, everyone gathers to see Chicano Batman in anticipation. Reading the crowd, they had such a grip on the barricade of those up in front, even onto their drinks, pacing back and forth. They are ready, not only to hear, but to feel the music of Chicano Batman. I have a feeling this experience will be forever cherished amongst this Chicano community; the band calls their devoted fans. 

Chicano Batman’s music is made up of different influences of music where funk meets Latin influence, creating psychedelic rock music. (Dominique Macias).

Chicano Batman was formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Consisting of frontman, Bardo Martinez, bassist Eduardo Arenas, guitarist Carlos Arevalo and drummer Gabriel Ville. Where funk meets Latin influence, creating psychedelic rock music. Chicano Batman is not just an “alternative” or an “indie” band. They are more than just one genre of music; they are as eclectic as the culture they come from.

One thing about Chicano Batman, their timeless music is played out to the crowd, loud and thunderous, that the audience did not even have to speak Spanish to understand. The music was heard, but mostly felt. Chicano Batman had a way of demonstrating the universal language of music, and it was otherworldly. 

The beautiful part was that there were cumbias danced, kisses exchanged during love songs and headbanging happened- the essence of having the power of music flow through the audience. All due to Chicano Batman’s power, energy and rupture of Martinez’s voice. Even the guitar was a voice of its own. Arevalo’s heart in his striking guitar playing the psychedelic groove, it soared and was listened to by everyone.  

“Otra… otra… otra!” The crowd yells for Chicano Batman to do an encore. As the stage goes dark, the gritos and whistles start coming from the audience. They are demanding their hit song, “Black Lipstick” to be played. The iconic chords to the intro of the song started to play in the dark mist on stage as the only light was the moon. But as the concert lights shine once more, the crowd goes wild! The audience is captivated, maybe even hypnotized by these lyrics- singing as one even with the guitar solo. As the band and the audience are locked into one another, it is like the moon meeting the sun; a once in a lifetime experience.

Many people on barricade are original fans and have been there since the beginning. Xol Lozoya and her boyfriend, Joshua Frescas, show their devotion and loyalty to Chicano Batman, since it is their fifth time seeing the band as they make their way to the Suncity again.   

“It’s nice to see them going another direction, it is something worth experiencing,” Lozoya said. Frescas steps in and shares, “broadly music- multi-language music like this is going to evolve over time. It’s always in a conversation worth looking forward to. I think it’s very interesting to see this musical evolution.”  

The band was formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Chicano Batman consists of frontman, Bardo Martinez, bassist Eduardo Arenas, guitarist Carlos Arevalo and drummer Gabriel Ville. (Dominique Macias).

Lots of people are excited for their new album, “Notebook Fantasy,” but are very loyal and deeply love their old. They are excited to see the new side of Chicano Batman that their latest music entails.  

The energy for this show really comes from the audience, some old and new, from Los Angeles to the border city. That is what Chicano Batman is, that is their soul, and it shows in their music. Whether that might be lyrically, sonically or culturally.  

Nathan Gomez, an L.A. native and committed fan, shares the necessity for Chicano Batman’s music, not only for the Chicanos, but for everyone.  

“It’s so needed. Very much represented for our community and culture. I love seeing more bands putting out- making and mixing modern hip -hop with Spanish. Creating new combinations of music,” Gomez said.  

Brianna Strada, a hard-core fan after seeing Chicano Batman every time there is a Texas show on their tours. Strada shares how she not only does she fall in love with their music repeatedly but shares the importance of lyrics.  

“Mixing the romanticness of Spanish with the cut of English, has always been something that I really admire about them, and they all seem like they just love it- you can even feel it right now,” Strada said.  

Sonically the music of Chicano Batman moved people. Amongst the haze on stage, the lights setting the mood, as a pink mist flows through the band members like an aura— the energy and sound of the music spread like wildfire all across the borderland. Just the way Chicano Batman intended.  

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