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Since their relocation to Texas St., Lowbrow Palace has raked back-to-back sold-out shows while filling 1500 outdoor and 750 indoor spaces capacity.

Beyond the Stage of Lowbrow Palace

Iziah Moreno, Writer May 21, 2024

Crafting the perfect atmosphere for groovy people that are excited to see their favorite artist live is just something people cannot get enough of, but what is it like behind the scenes of making nights...

Chicano Batman performed April 22 at Lowbrow Palace.

Chicano Batman Saves the Full Moon Night

Dominique Macias, Photographer May 13, 2024

The night is April 22 at Lowbrow Palace, a full moon, everyone gathers to see Chicano Batman in anticipation. Reading the crowd, they had such a grip on the barricade of those up in front, even onto their...

Presentador y Productor de Noticias 26 Héctor Urrutia, tiene casi cuatro décadas de experiencia trabajando en ambas cadenas, Univisón y Telemundo.

El Crecimiento de los Noticieros en Español en la Frontera Sur

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela , Writer February 27, 2024

En los Estados Unidos hoy se estima que más de 40 millones de personas hablan español según datos del censo de EE. UU. En la ciudad de El Paso, Texas, aproximadamente seis de cada diez personas utilizan...

Photos and memorabilia in the Fort Bliss section of the El Paso Museum of History’s Permanent exhibit Changing Pass.

Fort Bliss

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Writer October 17, 2023

From less than 9,000 residents in Fort Bliss a decade ago to over 11,000 today, per the 2020 census, Fort Bliss remains a pillar of the El Paso community by providing countless services and benefits for...

After jumping the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico, a man sits atop the wall, aiding two others climbing back over to the Mexican side.

The ongoing migrant crisis at the borderland

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Writer March 6, 2023

Since last year the City of El Paso has been the forefront of the migrant discussion as thousands of individuals from Central and South America make their way to the United States in search of jobs, money...

Actress Alicia Silverston speaks on the 2nd Annaul Womens Wellness Summit, hosted by the Junior League of El Paso, Feb. 24.

Lessons from a ‘Clueless’ Icon: Learning to embrace the importance of women’s wellness

Yoali Rodriguez, Copy Editor March 3, 2023

When it comes to topics regarding issues involving women’s mental health and body image, it can be perceived as a taboo conversation in different environments. AS IF! Leave it to the brave women of the...

En la intersección de las calles Franklin y North Mesa puedes encontrar un mural de basura. El Mural esta echo por el artista Bordalo II de Portugal.

Mural de basura: Como el arte puede ayudar al medio ambiente

Carlos Castro, Writer January 17, 2023

Si uno camina por la intersección de las calles Franklin y North Mesa en el centro de El Paso, será imposible ignorar el colorido mural de un puma que se postra ominoso sobre los transeúntes a su alrededor....

Photo Courtesy of Lucie Calderon

El Paso Nano-Influencer Lucie Calderon graduates to bigger projects

Brandy Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2022

It was Christmas-day 2010 when the University of Texas at El Paso graduate Lucie Calderon made an account on Instagram, the same year the app was launched.  She was ten years old, posting “a million”...

Governor Abbott and Beto O’Rourke rally for votes in waning days of early voting 

Governor Abbott and Beto O’Rourke rally for votes in waning days of early voting 

Ethan Thomas, Photographer November 7, 2022

Incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott and gubernatorial candidate, and El Paso-native, Beto O’Rourke made stops in the Sun City to encourage voters to vote before Election Day. Energizing younger voters...

At the Movies: Recap of El Paso Film Festival 2022

Carlos Castro, Staff Writer October 26, 2022

From the nights of the 14th to the 16th of October, Downtown El Paso saw the advent of the 5th anniversary of El Paso Film Festival, a celebration of independent film festival across the border. The festival...

These photos are sent by artists Gia Flores, Pamela Vigo Sanchez, and Joanna Overton found at the El Pasos International Museum of Art.

The art exhibition that brought UTEP and local artistry together

Yoali Rodriguez and Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran October 11, 2022

As a way of sharing the uniqueness of the borderland area, many talented artists have been on the lookout to exhibit their art in local museums and beyond. Some found a home in a Victorian-style mansion ...

The pursuit of cryptocurrency on the border

The pursuit of cryptocurrency on the border

Brandy Ruiz, Editor-in-chief October 11, 2022

In between gray rock walls and beneath the sweat-inducing glare of the noon El Paso sun in 2020, David Gámez, a student at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and leader of UTEP’s Blockchain Miner’s...

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