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Underwood introduced her concert with her 2015 hit “Church Bells, paying homage to her album Storyteller.

Carrie Underwood and the Tale of One Fantastic Concert

H. Catching Marginot, Writer April 5, 2024

Growing up, if I ever had a question regarding music or a musician, I would always go to my dad, no matter what. One of the staples of our home was our giant, thick wooden shelves built by my dad that...

The Early Music Latin America Festival exposed and highlighted Latin American sounds prior to the 18th century to El Paso.

The Early Music Latin America Festival: Discovering Buried Sounds

Dominique Macias, Writer March 20, 2024

The Early Music Latin America Festival serves the purpose of not only distributing and exposing a well-deserved music genre to El Paso, but it also sparks the fire for the city’s music scene.  On...

Artificial Intelligence has created waves within the art world, creating a conflicting stance towards its tool that generates modern age artwork. The usage of AI has raised questions about how it is changing the making and cosumption of art.

AI vs Art: The Creative Crash of The Century

Erik Acosta, Writer March 1, 2024

Click, type, post. Three words that define the creation of the modern digital age, becoming one of the easiest ways for someone to create and consume different forms of art and film.  In a virtual...

Luz De Lourdes “Lucie” Calderón is a marketing and branding associate for SBNG Certified Public Accountants. Known for her main account @/luciecalderon, she uses content creation personally and for work.

How To Be The Brand

Meagan Garcia, Writer February 29, 2024

For most people with a social media presence, being in front of a virtual audience becomes second nature. When the red button is hit and the camera flashes go off, content creators come alive and utilize...

UTEP English professor and host of “El Paso Food Voices” (EPFV), Meredith Abarca, Ph.D. created a series of articles and podcasts that share El Paso’s story through food.

Waves to Pods

Victoria Ortega, Writer February 28, 2024

Radio has been in existence since the late 1890s. Once a conduit connecting cities to rural areas, radio transformed how we consumed music and sports. However, as time has passed, the resonance of radio...

Presentador y Productor de Noticias 26 Héctor Urrutia, tiene casi cuatro décadas de experiencia trabajando en ambas cadenas, Univisón y Telemundo.

El Crecimiento de los Noticieros en Español en la Frontera Sur

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela , Writer February 27, 2024

En los Estados Unidos hoy se estima que más de 40 millones de personas hablan español según datos del censo de EE. UU. En la ciudad de El Paso, Texas, aproximadamente seis de cada diez personas utilizan...

Exclusive Sit Down Interview with President Dr. Heather Wilson: Full Q&A

Erik Acosta, Writer November 28, 2023

In 2019, Dr. Heather Wilson became the 11th President of UTEP and has been considered a prominent image for the university. From reaching milestones, such as becoming one the first women in the Air Force...

I would say Im pretty outgoing once you get to know me. Id say Im hardworking, and maybe funny, I like making my teammates laugh. 
-Jacob Presutti


Brianne Williams, Web Editor/Writer October 17, 2023

Nearly filling the stands each season, UTEP welcomes fans from across the city, to support its college sports teams. Home games for sports such as basketball, volleyball or football make it easy for the...

UTEP Confessions Instagram profile picture. Photo courtesy of @utepconfess

Our very own Gossip Girl: Q&A with UTEP Confessions

Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran, Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2023

In 2022, a new Instagram account appeared on the screens of UTEP students, @utepconfess. Based on confessions made by the students themselves, the account posts daily content, ranging from complaints about...

After jumping the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico, a man sits atop the wall, aiding two others climbing back over to the Mexican side.

The ongoing migrant crisis at the borderland

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Writer March 6, 2023

Since last year the City of El Paso has been the forefront of the migrant discussion as thousands of individuals from Central and South America make their way to the United States in search of jobs, money...

Actress Alicia Silverston speaks on the 2nd Annaul Womens Wellness Summit, hosted by the Junior League of El Paso, Feb. 24.

Lessons from a ‘Clueless’ Icon: Learning to embrace the importance of women’s wellness

Yoali Rodriguez, Copy Editor March 3, 2023

When it comes to topics regarding issues involving women’s mental health and body image, it can be perceived as a taboo conversation in different environments. AS IF! Leave it to the brave women of the...

El Paso Lowriders: Classic car culture on the border

El Paso Lowriders: Classic car culture on the border

Gibel Amador, Staff Writer/Photographer March 1, 2023

The sound of cars speeding down the freeway is heard daily, but on Lincoln Park Day, those sounds are muffled by the sound of conversations about paint jobs, engines and car meets. Across the park, brightly...

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