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Victoria Meyers, a 20-year-old studio art major with a concentration in graphic design, plays videogames and tabletop games, her favorite being Dungeons and Dragons.

The mayhem and madness of Dungeons and Dragons

Meagan Elizabeth García, Writer June 2, 2023

The gaming industry provides multiple sources of relief, entertainment and community to those in need of a creative outlet. Both tabletop and video game spaces are typically known for being male dominated,...

UTEP Confessions Instagram profile picture. Photo courtesy of @utepconfess

Our very own Gossip Girl: Q&A with UTEP Confessions

Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran, Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2023

In 2022, a new Instagram account appeared on the screens of UTEP students, @utepconfess. Based on confessions made by the students themselves, the account posts daily content, ranging from complaints about...

After jumping the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico, a man sits atop the wall, aiding two others climbing back over to the Mexican side.

The ongoing migrant crisis at the borderland

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Writer March 6, 2023

Since last year the City of El Paso has been the forefront of the migrant discussion as thousands of individuals from Central and South America make their way to the United States in search of jobs, money...

Actress Alicia Silverston speaks on the 2nd Annaul Womens Wellness Summit, hosted by the Junior League of El Paso, Feb. 24.

Lessons from a ‘Clueless’ Icon: Learning to embrace the importance of women’s wellness

Yoali Rodriguez, Copy Editor March 3, 2023

When it comes to topics regarding issues involving women’s mental health and body image, it can be perceived as a taboo conversation in different environments. AS IF! Leave it to the brave women of the...

El Paso Lowriders: Classic car culture on the border

El Paso Lowriders: Classic car culture on the border

Gibel Amador, Staff Writer/Photographer March 1, 2023

The sound of cars speeding down the freeway is heard daily, but on Lincoln Park Day, those sounds are muffled by the sound of conversations about paint jobs, engines and car meets. Across the park, brightly...

My mom has taught me my whole life that there are gifts that God gives us and theres things that we are called to do. I believe that basketball is a gift that God has given me, Petree said.

Mahrianna Petree: and the world of college basketball

Brianne Williams, Web-Editor/Staff Writer February 1, 2023

Mahrianna Petree and her sisters were holding toy basketballs before they could walk. “My dad told us that when we were little girls, there were basketballs in our cribs,” Petree said. Petree...

Photo Courtesy of Lucie Calderon

El Paso Nano-Influencer Lucie Calderon graduates to bigger projects

Brandy Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2022

It was Christmas-day 2010 when the University of Texas at El Paso graduate Lucie Calderon made an account on Instagram, the same year the app was launched.  She was ten years old, posting “a million”...

The pursuit of cryptocurrency on the border

The pursuit of cryptocurrency on the border

Brandy Ruiz, Editor-in-chief October 11, 2022

In between gray rock walls and beneath the sweat-inducing glare of the noon El Paso sun in 2020, David Gámez, a student at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and leader of UTEP’s Blockchain Miner’s...

The October Issue

The October Issue

Yoali Rodriguez October 10, 2022

Ah, ‘tis the season for the rebirth of pumpkin spice lattes, awkward weather, and the UTEP fall semester.  It is that time of year when planning an outfit may feel like your last priority, not to...

Latino, Latina, Latine?   

Latino, Latina, Latine?   

Juan Pablo De Anda De Alva, Staff Writer September 15, 2022

La frontera entre México y Estados Unidos es un lugar único en donde chocan dos culturas, divisas, y los principales idiomas de la región: español e inglés.  Sofia Valenzuela, una estudiante originaria...

K-pop fans dressed in their favorite merch from their favorite groups that featured individual K-pop stars such as SUGA from the group BTS.

A night of K-Pop in the Zoo: the first K-Pop event in collaboration with the El Paso Zoo 

Brandy Ruiz September 12, 2022

In between the Elephants and Malayan Tiger exhibit on the night of Sept. 10, the El Paso Zoo in collaboration with the Instagram pages @Girlswihtluv and @epkpop_events, held a K-pop celebration with music,...

Jordan Nieto

Jordan Nieto

Brianne Williams, Web-Editor September 7, 2022

At 20 years old, El Pasoan Jordan Nieto looked forward to going to Hot Topic every Sunday with his family. At the store, he remembered gazing at the large wall of tiny figurines with big, square heads...

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