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UTEP English professor and host of “El Paso Food Voices” (EPFV), Meredith Abarca, Ph.D. created a series of articles and podcasts that share El Paso’s story through food.

Waves to Pods

Victoria Ortega, Writer February 28, 2024

Radio has been in existence since the late 1890s. Once a conduit connecting cities to rural areas, radio transformed how we consumed music and sports. However, as time has passed, the resonance of radio...

Exclusive Sit Down Interview with President Dr. Heather Wilson: Full Q&A

Erik Acosta, Writer November 28, 2023

In 2019, Dr. Heather Wilson became the 11th President of UTEP and has been considered a prominent image for the university. From reaching milestones, such as becoming one the first women in the Air Force...



(From Left to Right) Julius Alvarez and Angel Rios, partial owners of Flairshot in Horizon, Texas, sit down range, surrounded by pieces of ammunition.

Flair Shot

Ethan Thomas, Writer October 18, 2023

Neon lights mix with the desert sun as you open the door to Flair Shot, flashing greens, pinks and purples catch your eye while the door slowly shuts. An indoor airsoft target range, with the tell-tale...

Victoria Meyers, a 20-year-old studio art major with a concentration in graphic design, plays videogames and tabletop games, her favorite being Dungeons and Dragons.

The mayhem and madness of Dungeons and Dragons

Meagan Elizabeth García, Writer June 2, 2023

The gaming industry provides multiple sources of relief, entertainment and community to those in need of a creative outlet. Both tabletop and video game spaces are typically known for being male dominated,...

UTEP Confessions Instagram profile picture. Photo courtesy of @utepconfess

Our very own Gossip Girl: Q&A with UTEP Confessions

Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran, Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2023

In 2022, a new Instagram account appeared on the screens of UTEP students, @utepconfess. Based on confessions made by the students themselves, the account posts daily content, ranging from complaints about...

My mom has taught me my whole life that there are gifts that God gives us and theres things that we are called to do. I believe that basketball is a gift that God has given me, Petree said.

Mahrianna Petree: and the world of college basketball

Brianne Williams, Web-Editor/Staff Writer February 1, 2023

Mahrianna Petree and her sisters were holding toy basketballs before they could walk. “My dad told us that when we were little girls, there were basketballs in our cribs,” Petree said. Petree...

These photos are sent by artists Gia Flores, Pamela Vigo Sanchez, and Joanna Overton found at the El Pasos International Museum of Art.

The art exhibition that brought UTEP and local artistry together

Yoali Rodriguez and Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran October 11, 2022

As a way of sharing the uniqueness of the borderland area, many talented artists have been on the lookout to exhibit their art in local museums and beyond. Some found a home in a Victorian-style mansion ...

The October Issue

The October Issue

Yoali Rodriguez October 10, 2022

Ah, ‘tis the season for the rebirth of pumpkin spice lattes, awkward weather, and the UTEP fall semester.  It is that time of year when planning an outfit may feel like your last priority, not to...

73 Questions with UTEP President Heather Wilson

August 23, 2022

Minero Magazine and The Prospector made their way to Hoover House, residence of the President of The University of Texas at El Paso, on Aug. 5 to interview President Heather Wilson, Ph.D. She shared the...

5 Summer Must-Read Titles

5 Summer Must-Read Titles

Maria Luisa Guerrero Duran, Web & Copy-Editor, Writer June 27, 2022

It is common to hear someone say that they do not like to read, or that reading is boring, however, I think that they just have not found the right book. The beauty of books is that there is a genre for...

Graduate Limbo

Graduate Limbo

Ethan Thomas, Photographer May 10, 2022
Students understand the world of higher education can be confusing, but Assistant Dean of UTEP’s Graduate School, Shannon Connelly Ph.D, and Assistant Director of Outreach and Recruitment, Brenda Barrios, say there is nothing to fear.  With graduation closing in for many students as the semester comes to an end, continuing your education post-undergrad might be on the minds of many.  

Plain and Simply Lollygaggin’ with Rivers Ventura

Ariel Castillo, Writer May 2, 2022

With his trademark black beanie and skater-like appearance, 19-year-old Rivers Ventura and his band have been gaining a larger listening crowd after winning this year’s Battle of the Bands.  Their...

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