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    From the Editor – Spring 2011

    MINERO MAGAZINE has been my home for the last three semesters, and it’s time that I leave this bilingual blessing in the capable hands of my successor, whoever that may be. Over the last year, I’ve been thrown in the deep end of the publication pool, but I quickly recovered and became a master of my craft with the help of my advisors and my staff.

    At this point, I am not quite sure where my journalism endeavors will take me, but as editor-in-chief of Minero, I feel confident in reaching my goal of working for an entertainment magazine. No matter where my career chooses to take me, the experience Minero provided me will not go to waste.

    One of my colleagues asked me, as I was writing this editorial, what I enjoyed most about Minero. I quickly recalled several instances where classmates would approach me about the stories they read. Even if it was just one story they pointed out in the entire issue, I felt a sense of accomplishment because someone else enjoyed what my staff and I had been working hard to produce for months. It is a feeling that I strive to experience one last time with this issue of Minero.

    This issue is a fusion of creativity, imagination and the collaboration of the entire staff. We created a system that allowed us to work together more closely, and it gave more room for the brainstorming and sharing of ideas. We have hopefully produced a medium that allow our readers to experience something unique and memorable. The following stories were created to expose new environments to the community.

    Juan Salomon shares his growth and experiences with his transition from Mexico to a university in the United States. His story will inspire those who may also make that transition. He experienced a cultural change that continues to mold him into a stronger individual through his pursuit for higher education.

    Aaron Martinez invites all readers to attend a UTEP women’s basketball game and become long-term fans just like the individuals mentioned in his story. He writes about how even though the community’s perception and support of the women’s basketball team is nowhere near their male counterparts, the women’s basketball team has much to show to this community. All they need is for the community to give them a chance to prove it.

    Nicole Chavez gives light to an existing problem that most people don’t know about. Eating disorders are common, but how often does someone hear about it happening to a male? It’s as possible as it is dangerous, but Nicole tells the tale of a man who overcame that problem and is on the right track to being healthy.

    Digital photography may be a blessing, but it does come with a price. Michael Galindo writes about how the digital age may have taken away the magic from traditional photography. With greater capacity comes a greater responsibility when it comes to managing those memory card-filled devices with digital photos.

    The legalization of marijuana has been and will be a greatly debated issue for years, but is it as dangerous as other substances that are legally available? I add another side to the legalization debate that poses the question: If alcohol is legal, why shouldn’t marijuana be legal as well?

    Each of these stories aims to provoke thought, entertain and give a voice to something that may not have been heard otherwise. All of the Minero writers, photographers and designers worked hard to create these story packages into something to be enjoyed by the reader. I did my best to ensure that my last issue is filled with entertaining and thought-provoking pieces that I hope you all will enjoy.

    Happy Reading!
    Minero Magazine Editor


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