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The Student News Site of The University of Texas at El Paso

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  • N

    ngetripyukidOct 29, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    i think your theme is simple but elegant. what is the name ?

  • A

    AnonAug 20, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    White people wanna be racially oppressed so bad, seriously Jeff? students “shouldn’t” write things like this? they are students and its a student magazine they can write whatever they want. Also why are you complaining about girls from UTEP not wanting to date you, it’s their choice, so what, not every hispanic girl is going to want to F you! There is this tone to your reply of feeling superior to Hispanics, would you talk the same way to an African-American majority college? I would like for you to even try. Just because you are an American, it does not mean you own this country, this country is not even yours, you are also a foreigner in this country, dont you EVER forget that! I am not trying to hate on you, but im glad you got a taste of what hispanics and other minorities have felt for decades, because of people like you in this country, that think it belongs to them just because of their skin. Let me guess, you are one of those people that disregard “Black Lives Matter” and change it to their white-centric “All Lives Matter” or the classic “you are in America, learn English” type of guy. smh.

    Ps. using Anglo here in the US simply means whites, as a writer you are not going to be on a map looking for every variation, every tribe, every politically correct term just to satisfy 0.000000000000001% of UTEP’s population.

  • J

    JeffNov 7, 2014 at 9:30 am

    RE: “When the majority becomes the minority: EP’s 18% non-Hispanic learn to assimilate”

    As a UTEP grad-school alumnus, seeing these sorts of articles in student publications deeply troubles me. Imagine, for instance, if a student publication at Texas A&M featured an article on the experience of Hispanic-Americans “assimilating” in “Anglo” College Station? I don’t think that would go over very well, and it would probably elicit a massive public outcry from LULAC and every other group on high alert for signs of racism.

    I loved UTEP during my time there, but I never enjoyed the attitude some Hispanic students seemed to harbor that I was a stranger in their house. As an “Anglo” student, I wasn’t included in many of the social groups that formed among the Hispanic grad students in my department. I know just enough Spanish to be dangerous, so I knew when undergrads were denigrating me en Espanol as just another white interloper in their college. And forget about dating. Even though I dated Hispanic girls during my days in Houston, Hispanic girls at UTEP seemed to be all about keeping it within La Raza.

    All of these things made UTEP feel very exclusionary to me. There were doors that I felt were always closed to me based on the fact that I have a skin tone that’s several shades lighter than the campus norm. And then I read articles like this from a student magazine and feel all those same things over again.

    El Paso lies within the United States, and I’m an American, so why did I feel like a foreigner at UTEP? For one, it’s attitudes like the one that permeates this article. You guys need to stop seeing non-Hispanic students as “other” and start embracing diversity in the same manner as every other college in America. UTEP is on its way to becoming 90% Hispanic in the next ten years. How will that reflect on the university in an era in which diversity has been pushed to the forefront in higher education?

    There’s no doubt that UTEP’s Mexican-centric culture is driving away many prospective non-Hispanic students from across the state. This is happening in a time in which other schools around Texas are going out of their way to recruit Hispanic students. Why, then, isn’t UTEP going out of its way to attract non-Hispanics? Seems like pretty blatant double standard to me, especially given the fact that UTEP is a state-supported institution meant to serve ALL the people of Texas, not just the Greater El Paso area.

    Your publication shouldn’t be writing articles about how non-Hispanic students must assimilate at UTEP. Rather, you should be writing articles on how the UTEP community is working to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness both on campus and community wide. It’s time for the Hispanic majority at UTEP to stop patting themselves on the back for building their own university and start taking the steps to make UTEP a tier-one school. Ramping up the “Hispanics only” vibe of the school is not the way to do this.

    p.s. Using the word “Anglo” as a universal label for white people is offensive. I am not of Anglo, Anglo-Saxon, nor Germanic descent at all. As an American of Slavic extraction, I prefer not to lumped in with those of English descent. Imagine being from Guatemala and having some old white guy call you Mexican. It feels just like that.