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There is both a prevalent and relevant force that affects the entire human population, whether on a grand scale or as a small notion. It is everywhere: in the sound of the alarm coming from your smart phone first thing in the morning to the modernized infrastructure that connects to the computer systems that we utilize to pay bills and post our thoughts. It’s technology–the one single factor that has advanced human involvement, interaction and incorporation with other aspects of life to an impressive degree.

Technology has helped the professional and scholastic worlds tremendously. In the world of journalism, technology has played an integral role in helping reporters accurately portray the news in a timely manner. In a different time, reporters would have to write down notes on a reporter’s notebook, rapidly scribbling down the quotes coming from their sources. Nowadays, we use technologically advanced recorders to make our job easier. Now, our focus is primarily on getting good quotes in order to better tell the story. As much as we may fancy the “vintage” approach to journalism, with notepads and typewriters, it’s inevitable that we come to appreciate the simplicity of pressing record and concentrate more on getting a good story.

Numerous articles have been written about technology, but writing about technology on the El Paso/Juárez border makes this a particular issue of Minero Magazine, whose focus has always been on the issues revolving around the UTEP community and it’s surrounding areas. We wanted to tell interesting stories regarding technology in a way that only the unique demographic of our border community could tell. From the scarcity of technology in our schools to drug trafficking, this issue of Minero is focused on the advantages and disadvantages in a world that is comprised of heavy-interdependency with the advancement of technological use.

This issue also marks the 10-year anniversary of Minero. This being my second issue as editor-in-chief, I have been fortunate enough to be part of what I feel is a great publication, twice. Technology seemed an appropriate theme for this momentous issue because it helps us convey how we’ve grown throughout the course Gym of 10 years while also showing how technology has helped us improve what we strive to do; to adequately report on the issues that are deemed important to our beloved readers.

Muchas gracias a todos los que participaron en esta edición de la revista. A todos los reporteros, editores, fotógrafos y diseñadores, les aplaudo por su determinación y dedicación al aportar una edición excepcional. A nuestros lectores, muchísimas gracias a ustedes por seguir con nosotros durante estos 10 años. A seguirle por otros 10 más.

To the next 10 years.


Jose Soto

Jose Soto
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