The Most Important Election of Our Life Time


Many Americans across the country took to the polls on November 3 to cast their vote. President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden visited multiple states across the country to hold rallies just before the big day. President Trump held his rallies in person and Biden held his in front of crowds in cars. The two were determined to make their final arguments for what some have defined as the most important election of our lifetime.

Watch reporters Anahy Diaz and Brandy Ruiz talking about the importance of this election.

University of Texas at El Paso’s Associate Professor of Political Science, Todd Curry notes the risks of such an election.

“I can’t think of another, another election cycle where so much was so much was at stake. Um, we have candidates that have articulated like two very very different views. But you’ve had to put that on the– you juxtapose that with one of the candidates have seemed to hint at a willingness to shirk democratic institutions to, to some extent, not really uphold the ideals of an electoral democracy, which is absolutely weird,” Curry said.

And the effects are showing just days after the polls have closed:

As of Nov. 5, the American public is still anxiously awaiting results.

By Anahy Diaz and Brandy Ruiz