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3 V-Day Dates that Won’t Break Your Bank


Planning the perfect Valentine’s date can be overwhelming sometimes leading to a less than
average experience and a sad bank account.

But, they don’t have to be fancy, nor pricy if that is not your vibe. Here is a guide to help plan
your perfect-not so luxurious-date.

For Those with an Adventurous Side:

Hiking may not be for everyone, but for those that enjoy the company of nature, take on one of the many trails El Paso has to offer. As posted on the All Trails website, the number 1 hike is the El Paso Tin Mines trail.

If you are worried you might not make it down the mountain, the website has this hike listed as
an easy, 6.6-mile trail (you can always cut it shorter if that is something of concern). As a
reward for all the hard work done burning calories, finish off the date at breakfast spot of your choice.

Because hikes are recommended to be done in the morning, before the sun gets too high in the sky, this can be a perfect alternative in case someone is not available for a date in the evening.

Plan a Picnic:

Putting together a picnic can be both simple and intimate. The trick is to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset or enjoy the scenery around you. Chuck Heinrich and Memorial Park both have a wide-open space and are popular for their natural beauty.

Education major, Debbie Briones, 20, said her and her boyfriend will be celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day with their favorite takeout.

“We’ll get kind of a fancy dinner to-go and eat it while watching the sunset,” Briones said.

The contents of your basket do not have to be a wild array of food choices, but you can never go wrong with your favorite snacks and drinks. Do not forget to pack a blanket, silverware, and maybe a few pillows for your comfort.

Put Your Artistic Skills to Work

Plan an arts and crafts date, specifically a painting date. This will require a few supplies, but the end product is something both you and your partner can keep as a memory.

Start off with two blank canvases, paints of your choice, and a few paint brushes. When you
begin painting, do not show your masterpiece until it is complete. It does not have to be a work of art, but if they love you enough, they will say you are the world’s next Van Gogh (or maybe not, but that is okay).

For those 21+, enjoy this activity with some wine (can be replaced with any beverage of your
choice), cheese, and crackers.

There are numerous ways to spend this holiday, and all the above-mentioned ideas can be done with whoever and however many people you want (whether it be several or just one), so do not be feel shamed into thinking V-day is strictly monogamous. After all, as cliché as it might sound, Valentine’s is an excuse to spend extra time with those you love and care about.

By Ariel Castillo

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